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Sample Questions
for Massage National Exams,
State Board & Canadian Exams

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The following sample questions and answers are in Random Order:

    1. True or False.  Thai massage uses pressure on the meridian lines to open sens, (which is another name for energy lines) in the body.   TRUE.  Thai uses pressure.
    2. True or False.  Shiatsu massage incorporates using your fingers, thumbs, and palm with pressure along the meridians.  TRUE
    3. True or False.  Trigger Point massage applies finger pressure to the areas in the muscles that are tender in order bring about a release from pain and spasms of muscles.    TRUE
    4. True or False.  Acupuncture uses hot stones to correct energy imbalances in the body.  FALSE. Acupuncture uses and inserts very delicate needles into the skin at various points along the channel or meridians to correct energy imbalances.
    5. True or False.  Acupressure is very similar to Shiatsu because it, too, uses finger point massage pressure to help release tension in the muscles.    True
    6. True or False.  The deep heat of the stones in Stone Therapy brings about a quick relaxation response.  TRUE
    7. True or False.  Reiki is a system of energy healing that comes from Japan.  In Reiki, the therapist places both of their hands very gently in certain positions on the body and/or above the body. This is referred to as laying-on-of-hands and it is designed to help relieve pain, to heal physical illnesses, as well as help bring about spiritual awareness.  The therapist transmits the life energy (Qi, Ki, or Chi) to the electro-magnetic energy field around the body to help the healing processes.  TRUE
    8. True or False.   Swedish massage uses very fine needles on certain parts of the body.  FALSE.  Swedish massage uses five basic massage strokes which are effleurage, tapotement, friction, vibration, and petrissage.
    9. True or False.  Effleurage uses gliding strokes.  TRUE

    10. True or False.  Tapotement uses percussion tapping and pounding. TRUE
    11. True of False.  Petrissage uses kneading and compression strokes. TRUE
    12. True or False.  Friction uses a deep circular rubbing.  TRUE
    13. True or False.  Vibration uses a very fine movement and also rapid shaking.   TRUE
    14. True or False.  Ayurvedic’s originated from India and this type of massage can include using special oils, massaging the scalp and kneading the body.   Many times two therapists are used in this modality and ayurvedic massage also helps to remove and unblock the energy flow so the body can begin to healing itself.   TRUE
    15. True or False.   Sports and Athletic Massage incorporates stretching and compression techniques, promotes fast recovery from injuries, reduces the blood pressure and heart rate, relieves muscle tension and chronic muscle pain, restores ROM (range of motion) improves flexibility, enhances the athletic performance and it can be used before and after competitions.  TRUE
    16. True or False.  Acute inflammation or injury is very common among sporting events.  It is only after the swelling and pain begin to subside that you can begin to apply sports massage.  The time element for the acute stage of an injury, to where you can not massage, is the first 72 hours after an injury.  TRUE
    17. True or False.   Reflexology is an ancient Chinese application.  It not only utilizes pressure points on the feet, but also on the ears and hands.  These pressure points are related to certain areas of the body.  TRUE
    18. True or False.  Tui Na is now being used by many body workers/therapists in the USA and it focuses more on certain problems instead of an overall general massage session.  It is an excellent adjunct to Swedish Massage because its major focus of application uses acupressure points, the energy channels (meridians), specific pain areas, muscles, and joints, and incorporates compresses, poultices and some salves.   TRUE

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Please visit this web site for new questions that the author creates monthly to help students pass their exams


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