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"I passed my MBLEx in May (2010). Your book REALLY helped and I told everyone to buy it who is studying for the MBLEx!!"

Christina Byrne, Beaufort, SC        

"I took the MBLEx (October 2009) and this book certainly helped me and I highly recommend it to anyone who is studying to pass the exam. It is the best study guide I have found for passing the MBLEx. Thank you for your book. There were so many questions in your book that was on the exam. Thank you again."

Cheryl Giddens, South Carolina        

"Thank you for the MBLEx study guide.  I passed my test in (July 2010). I could not have passed it without your book. It was very helpful."

Selina Martinez, Miami, Florida        

"I just passed my test.  YEAH!!  Thank you for a great book.  I don't think I could have passed the test without it. Just about everyone at my school passed because of this book."

L. D. Hall, Texas        

"Wow, your book just about covered everything that I had on my exam. I aced it!!"

Mary Ann Owens, Tennessee        

"There were approximately 75% of the questions in your study guide that were on the exam. I passed it thanks to your book. I will let others know about your study guide."

Richard P. Morton, Pennsylvania        

If you want to purchase a book that will help you pass, I recommend that you purchase this book. It really did help me study for the exam. I have several study guides and this one is the best because it had more of the questions on the exam. Many of my friends in school loved it and they passed also after studying it.

K. Gray, Florida      

I am very pleased with your company and how well you handle customer care!

Tammie Welch, Cherokee, NC      

Thank you author for writing this book. I probably would not have passed without studying it.

Therese Louise, Florida      

"Practically every question on the Nat'l Exam was in your book, even the oriental ones. It is the best!! I recommend it to all students. I am sure your new book will help students pass their exams. Thank you again for a wonderful study guide."

Julie Swiggett, Graham, NC      

"I passed my National Certification Exam. I think 90% of the questions were on my exam. There were a lot of questions on the chakras. My massage class never went over any of that. There were questions like what organ went to what chakra and what meridian. It was a tough exam but I passed it after a class mate told me about your book.."

—Bill D., Illinois      

"This is a fantastic 1-Volume source for exam preparation including eastern and western modalities. It’s current, up-to-date, clear and concise. A great value. We highly recommend this book for preparing to take your National Certification Exam."

Today’s Librarian Magazine      

"Wow, undoubtedly the best study guide in the massage industry today. Several of my classmates took the National Exam last week and they had studied your book and passed it.."

—Kimberly W., Florida      

"I had taken the National Certification Exam two times and I failed it. Someone told me about your book and after purchasing it I passed it with a high score. I will tell everyone I know how great your book is."

—Keven S., Ohio      

"I passed my massage certification exam after I came across your book."

—Mark A., Texas     

"If you are looking for a study guide with questions and answers to pass your National Exams, State Board Exams, MBLEx, etc., look no further. This is the best book I have and I have all of the massage study guides and text books and this one helped me the most."

—John R., New York      

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