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  1. True or False. In Chinese medicine the main physiological processes in the middle burner does not relate to digestion. FALSE. It does relate to digestion.

  2. Which tissue helps to connect muscle to bone? Tendon

  3. What do ligaments do for the body? Movements of the joints.

  4. Your client would __________ for a gait test. Walk

  5. How would you know about your client’s past injuries or medical problems? During the interview you would get their medical history.

  6. Can the application of heat help your client? If it can, how would it help them and what would be one type of therapy that would be used? Warm hydrotherapy is one method and by applying warmth it helps your client to feel more comfortable and in many cases it can bring about the release of endorphins which makes the body feel good and can in many cases release pain.

  7. True or False. According to the Department of Health, if an elderly woman around 67 years of age, who has a history of drinking and smoking and is especially small-boned, she might be more likely to develop osteoporosis. TRUE

  8. What could cause sympathetic dystrophy disease? Several things can cause this i.e. any irritation and abnormal excitation of nervous tissue that could happen after surgery, arthritis can cause this as well.

  9. Yes or No. If you have a client who seems to be in denial about their pain and frustrations and can’t seem to give you correct feedback about their situation/s, would this be referred to as a coping strategy? Yes

  10. If you had a client who had an injury of the foot and it appears it did not heal normally and looks red and is hot to the touch, what could they possibly have? Sympathetic dystrophy disease.

  11. What causes lordosis? Poor posture, weak quadrates lumborum, neuromuscular problems, back surgery, etc.

  12. How can a therapist help their client with scoliosis? By applying St. John Neoromuscular Therapy because it has good results treating idiopathic and postural scoliosis.

  13. What should you do if your client has a seizure attack on the table during a treatment? Hold the client on the table so they will not fall off.

  14. What part of the body does lordosis affect? Lower lumbar

  15. Would poor circulation of the blood flow affect the healing of cartilage? Yes

  16. Can massage therapy help someone with Rheumatoid arthritis, and how? Yes. It would help to circulate the synovial fluids.

  17. What is Torticollis? Wryneck

  18. What are other names for Wryneck? Sore neck, twisted neck, stiff neck, and spasmodic torticollis.

  19. How is lordosis described in the body? Curvature of the spine

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Please visit this web site for new questions that the author creates monthly to help students pass their exams