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Page 10, More Bonus Questions:

  1. What does innervation of muscles mean? The stimulation of a part of the muscle through the action of nerves or the nerve supply of the muscle.

  2. What is tissue? A group or collection of cells which act together in the performance of a particular function

  3. What are the four primary tissues?
    • Epithelial
    • Connective
    • muscular
    • nervous

  4. Name the organs of special sense. Eyes, Ears, Nose, Tongue, and Skin

  5. Name the principal systems of the body. Cardiac, nervous, respiratory, internal secretion, endocrine, skeletal, muscular, reproductive, digestive and, integumentary, lymphatic, and urinary

  6. What kind of tissue separates the thorax from the abdomen? Muscle-diaphragm

  7. What are the most important “tools” of the massage therapist? Their hands

  8. Why is the nervous system referred to as the master system of the body? It is the regulating power in the human body and controls the functions of all organs in the body.

  9. What is meant by the statement that the two systems which make up the autonomic nervous system are antagonistic? One system, the sympathetic, stimulates organs while the parasympathetic depresses the organs functioning

  10. Name the kneading manipulations performed in massage therapy. Petrissage and friction

  11. Describe the proper friction massage of the upper extremities. Rolling motion with the palms of hands. In performing the friction manipulations, you should never feel the skin of the client sliding between your hands, but you should feel as though the clients body part is part of your hand, while the muscles and tissues underneath the skin can be felt moving as well as rolling between your palms as you apply the friction manipulations

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Please visit this web site for new questions that the author creates monthly to help students pass their exams